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As a member of Cal South, our referees are certified through the Cal South Referee Program. These referees are instructed at and held to the highest standards with the intent of maintaining a safe and enjoyable playing environment for Cal South members of all ages and skill levels. Cal South referees thoroughly understand and appropriately apply the Laws of the Game. The Cal South Referee Program strives to actively recruit, develop, certify and advance referees for all levels of play.

Simi Youth Soccer Referee Goals:

  1. To fairly, impartially and consistently enforce the laws of soccer.
  2. To always act as a responsible representative of the league during game play.
    * remember you are the face of the league that players, coaches and parents see.
  3. To be knowledgeable of rules and regulations of the game and to continue to improve your skills.
  4. To keep the flow of the game moving whenever possible. Soccer is unique from baseball and football in that there
    are no time outs or set plays. This fluid progress of the game is what most people love about soccer and keeping the game in motion is a key part of refereeing.

For more information about our referees, or for information about becoming a referee, please e-mail Director of Referees.

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CalSouth Referee Program

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